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一次是棕熊队,永远是棕熊队. 好处也是如此. The perks you get from attending Bellevue 大学 don’t stop when you complete your degree. No matter w在这里 you go, you’ll always be part of our 60,000 proud alumni worldwide.






我们都在你身边. While your classes may be over, the benefits of being a Bellevue 大学 alum will continue. That means in addition to the life-changing education you received 在这里, you’re still part of the Bellevue 大学 family — with access to our career services, 连接, 和 program opportunities — all designed to help 和 support you in reaching your goals. 看看你的贝尔维尤校友福利:

When I received [the American Dream Scholarship] I thought ‘okay, they have faith in me...我要让捐赠者感到骄傲.’



需要职业建议或支持? 作为fun88乐天使官网的校友, 你可以 use all the resources available through the 大学 职业服务 Center. 除了, you’ll have full access to career coaches who can assist you with career planning, 找工作, 和更多的, 包括:

  • Access to H和shake — an online hiring platform — with employers from across the U.S. 寻找工作、实习和其他职业机会.
  • 微实习 — these short-term professional work experiences can align with your career plans 和 fit your schedule 和 your daily life.
  • Career support such as resume 和 cover letter writing, interview practice, 和 networking.

欲了解更多信息,请致电 1-800-756-7920 ext. 557-7423


享受免费的现场或在线访问我们的弗里曼/洛奇尔图书馆. This includes access to our computer facilities, our helpful staff, 和 our coffee bar. 全部资源包括:

  • 超过12万册纸质书和6.5万本电子书
  • 45,000种印刷和电子形式的现有期刊
  • 24/7图书馆员聊天服务
  • Text-a-librarian
  • 馆际的贷款
  • A custom-built catalog of electronic database subscriptions 和 digital archives

呼叫 1-800-756-7920 ext. 557-7314或访问 图书馆.贝尔维尤.edu 了解更多信息.


你可以通过今天的捐赠做出真正的改变. Your tax-deductible financial contribution makes it possible for Bellevue 大学 to provide 1,每年有5万学生奖学金, 随着教师队伍的发展, 设备的改进, 还有更多.

Meet Taneia, a Justice Administration 和 Crime 管理 student at Bellevue 大学
Meet Taneia, a Justice Administration 和 Crime 管理 student at Bellevue 大学


多年来,我们的毕业生取得的成就让我们感到自豪. We’d love to hear how Bellevue 大学 played a role in your success. 请花点时间和我们分享你的故事.

请填写这张表格 分享你的故事.



  • 登录到 熊先生.
  • 在My 熊先生主页上,选择“学术记录”.
  • 在“我的学位”展开菜单中, you may select "View Unofficial Transcript" or "Request Official Transcript."
  • "Request Official Transcript" will take you to the official Parchment site to complete a form.
注意: 从我的学位菜单, 您也可以查看“课程历史”,”“查看职系,或“查看转帐信用报告”."

没有熊先生访问权限的前学生和校友: 订单在这里

  • 纸质成绩单费用:15美元.截至2016年1月1日
  • Paper transcripts are sent via first class mail within 5–7 days of order


fun88乐天使官网提供创新, 具有成本效益的, professionally taught programs 和 technical certificates geared for today's workforce. 证书课程详情, 先决条件, requirements 和 course descriptions are listed by College on the following pages:

You can further your education 和 advance your career with a graduate degree from Bellevue. Designed with the professional in mind, Bellevue’s graduate programs prepare you for success.


Bellevue offers a variety of relevant course work 和 technical certificates to help you advance your career. 向专业人士学习.

When you complete the required for-credit courses for a Bellevue 大学 Certificate of Completion, 你可以 在这里申请官方证书.

Do you have changes in your email, phone number, address or other information? 请更新您的个人信息 在这里.

一旦你有了贝尔维尤的邮箱, 这是你的一生, 然而, 为了维护它,你需要保持活跃. You can stay active by resetting your password at least once in 27 months. If you do not reset your password in 27 months, your email will become inactive. 要请求重新激活您的电子邮件,请提交请求至 熊先生支持. As a note: data can only be restored if the request is made within 21 days of the license becoming inactive since Microsoft purges the data.


Bellevue 大学’s 2023 Annual Signature Event to Feature Ian Bremmer

fun88乐天使官网宣布伊恩·布雷默, a political scientist who is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on global politics 和 risk management, will be the featured speaker at the 大学’s annual Signature Event on Monday, 10月. 2.

Bellevue 大学 Professor Appointed to CACREP Board of Directors

Dr. Carlos Del b里约热内卢, an 联系 Professor in Bellevue 大学’s College of 艺术 和 Sciences, has been appointed to the CACREP Board of Directors for a five-year term. CACREP董事会由13至15名成员组成. Del b里约热内卢是八位咨询教育工作者之一.

西生命脊医学院 和 Bellevue 大学 Partner to Exp和 教育

西生命脊医学院, 世界知名的脊椎按摩教育领导者, today announced a relationship with Bellevue 大学 that will allow the chiropractic college to exp和 its physical presence in the central United States.


你在fun88乐天使官网的时光充实了你的人格. 通过以下活动保持你的人际关系:

  • 在我们的社交网站和博客上与其他校友联系. 使用官方标签# bugrad来讲述你在贝尔维尤的故事.
  • Stay on top of alumni news with our electronic newsletter, the 校友Link.
  • 通过校友兴趣调查让我们知道你的想法.
  • 成为导师.


Just as Bellevue made a difference in your life, it can make a difference in someone else’s life. If you know someone who is interested in a degree from Bellevue 大学, please refer them to us. 这比以往任何时候都容易. 今天推荐一个学生!



Giving back to Bellevue 大学 makes a real impact on our students 和 programs.